NewThe Nolanverse Chronology

Dark Knight logo
Yet another Batman Timeline…

…this one following the Christopher Nolan films and assorted tie-ins (and thus sometimes referred to as ‘the Nolanverse’). Entries shown italicised are of dubious canonicity.

The JokerBatman Begins
The film on Blu-Ray.
Batman: Gotham Knight
Tie-in animated short stories on Blu-Ray.
Batman: Dead White
Tie-in novel written by John Shirley.
The Dark Knight
The film on Blu-Ray.
Batman: Inferno
Tie-in novel written by Alex Irvine.
Batman: Fear Itself
Tie-in novel written by Michael Reaves and Steven-Elliot Altman.
The Dark Knight Rises
The film on Blu-Ray.
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