NewThe Jurassic Park Chronology

Jurassic Park

Weaving back and forth across novels, comics and movies, the Jurassic Park franchise is not entirely internally consistent, but it is a lot of fun.
I mean, it has dinosaurs. Sometimes even drawn by Walt Simonson. What more could you possibly want?

Dragon Teeth
Novel by Michael Crichton.
Included because its subject matter – paleontologists attempting to use fossils for personal gain – is very much of a piece with the Jurassic Park series.
Jurassic Park: Dead Islands
Jurassic Park
Novel: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
Video: Jurassic Park
Comic: Classic Jurassic Park, vol.1
Classic Jurassic Park, vol.2: Raptors Revenge
Classic Jurassic Park, vol.3: Amazon Adventure
Classic Jurassic Park, vol.4: Return to Jurassic Park
Classic Jurassic Park, vol.5: Return to Jurassic Park, Part Two
The Lost World
Novel: The Lost World
Video: The Lost World
Comic: Classic Jurassic Park, vol.6: The Lost World
Jurassic Park III
Survivor: Jurassic Park Adventures, Book 1
Prey: Jurassic Park Adventures, Book 2
Flyers: Jurassic Park Adventures, Book 3
Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games
Jurassic Park, vol.1: Redemption
Jurassic Park: The Devils in the Desert
Jurassic World: The Evolution of Claire
Prequel novel by Tess Sharpe
Jurassic World
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
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  1. Hey Loki, there’s also a Juraasic World prequel novel The Evolution of Clare by Tess Sharpe. It starts after Jurassic World but flashes back to when Clare joined Masrani.

    Also the Lego Jurassic World series gives gives a distorted version of the park prior to the events of the Jurassic Word film.

    • Thanks for the tip, Brad, I’ll be adding that book. Not sure about the Lego stuff though – I thought that was all non-canon, but maybe I’ll take a closer look.

  2. There is an animated series “Jurassic World – Camp Cretaceous” ( set within the timeframe of the Jurassic World films.

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