NewThe Dracula in London Reading Order

An anthology of short stories set during the events of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Assembled by P. N. Elrod, the stories in Dracula in London were each written independently and do not all align into a pleasing whole – and some of them are less than clear about the novel’s timeline, also. Still, each of them is an enjoyable story in its own right.

Dracula, chapters 1-6
Renfield, or Dining at the Bughouse, short story by Bill Zaget, must take place before chapter 7.
Dracula, chapters 7-8
Good Help, short story by Gene DeWeese, paralleling the events of chapters 7-9.
Dracula, chapter 9
An Essay on Containment, short story by K. B. Bogen, paralleling the events of chapters 7 and 8.
Dracula, chapter 10
Beast, short story by Amy L. Gruss and Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, taking place during Van Helsing’s absence in chapter 10.
Dracula, chapter 11
Berserker, short story by Nancy Kilpatrick, retells an incident from chapter 11 from Dracula’s perspective.
A Most Electrifying Evening, short story by Julie Barrett, cannot take place much earlier than this but must occur before the events of chapter 12.
Dracula, chapter 12
To Each His Own Kind, short story by Tanya Huff, taking place on the night of Dracula’s first arrival in London.
The Three Boxes, short story by Elaine Bergstrom, taking place shortly after Dracula arrives at Carfax.
Dracula, chapter 13
Long Term Investment, short story by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, must take place relatively soon after Dracula’s arrival in London.
Dracula, chapter 14
“Places For Act Two!”, short story by Bradley H. Sinor, can take place at almost any point between chapters 12 and 22, placed here by fiat.
Dracula, chapter 15-17
Everything to Order, short story by Jody Lynn Nye, can take place at almost any point between chapters 8 and 22, placed here by fiat.
Dracula, chapter 18-20
Dear Mr Bernard Shaw, short story by Judith Proctor, taking the form of a letter dated October 1.
Dracula, chapter 21-22
Box Number Fifty, short story by Fred Saberhagen, taking place at about this time.
Wolf and Hound, short story by Nigel Bennett and P.N. Elrod, paralleling the events of chapters 7 through 22, leading directly into chapter 23.
Dracula, chapter 23
The Dark Downstairs, short story by Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, paralleling the events of chapters 7 through 24.
Dracula, chapters 24-27
Curtain Call, short story by Gary A Braunbeck, an epilogue, of sorts.
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