NewThe Ancient Greek Plays Chronology

The great tragedies and comedies by the inventors of theatre

Please note that this chronology lists only complete works, not fragments, and thus reflects only those plays which are still known to us today. There is also some doubling up of titles among these plays – authorship is specified under the title of each play listed to help clarify this. The dates after the author’s names are those of the composition and/or earliest known performance of each play.

Mythic Era

Dates and events in this order are placed according to this Mythical Chronology of Greece. Please note that all dates are speculative, and relate only to the internal chronology of the myths themselves, not to actual history.

1667 BCE

Prometheus Bound
Aeschylus, uncertain date between 479 and 430 BCE

1488 BCE

The Suppliants
Aeschylus, 463 BCE

1386 BCE

The Bacchae
Euripides, 405 BCE

1330 BCE

Euripides, 413 BCE (approx)

1253 BCE

Euripides, 438 BCE

1246 BCE

Euripides, 416 BCE (approx)

1236 BCE

Euripides, 431 BCE

1226 BCE

Women of Trachis
Sophocles, uncertain date between 459 and 424 BCE
Oedipus Rex
Sophocles, 429 BCE (approx)

1225 BCE

Oedipus at Colonus
Sophocles, 406 BCE
Seven Against Thebes
Aeschylus, 467 BCE
The Suppliants
Euripides, 423 BCE (approx)
Sophocles, 441 BCE
The Phoenician Women
Euripides, 410 BCE (approx)

1223 BCE

Euripides, 430 BCE (approx)

1206 BCE

Euripides, 428 BCE

1182 BCE

Sophocles, 442 or 441 BCE
Sophocles, 409 BCE

1203 BCE

Euripides, 412 BCE

1193 BCE

Iphigenia in Aulis
Euripides, 414 BCE (approx)

1183 BCE

The Trojan Women
Euripides, 415 BCE
Euripides, 424 BCE
Aeschylus, 458 BCE
Euripides, date unknown

1184 BCE

Euripides, date unknown

1180 BCE

Euripides, 420 BCE (approx)

1175 BCE

Sophocles, uncertain date between 420 and 406 BCE
Aeschylus, 458 BCE
Euripides, 408 BCE
Iphigenia in Tauris
Euripides, 414 BCE (approx)

1174 BCE

The Eumenides
Aeschylus, 458 BCE

1173 BCE

Euripides, 425 BCE (approx)

Historical Era

480 BCE

The Persians
Aeschylus, 472 BCE

420 BCE

For simplicity’s sake, all the plays of Aristophanes that are set during the Peloponnesian War are placed at this date unless otherwise noted:
The Acharnians
Aristophanes, 425 BCE
The Knights
Aristophanes, 424 BCE
The Clouds
Aristophanes, original 423 BCE, uncompleted revised version from 419-416 BCE survives
The Wasps
Aristophanes, 422 BCE
Aristophanes, 421 BCE
The Birds
Aristophanes, 414 BCE
Aristophanes, 411 BCE

412 BCE

Aristophanes, 411 BCE
Parodies the original productions of Euripides’ Helen and Andromeda in this year.

405 BCE

The Frogs
Aristophanes, 405 BCE
Must take place after the death of Euripides in 406 BCE.

402 BCE

The Assemblywomen
Aristophanes, 392 BCE
Must take place after the end of the Peloponnesian War in 404 BCE.

Undated plays

For simplicity’s sake, all plays in this section are assumed to occur more or less contemporaneously with their original production:

388 BCE

Aristophanes, 388 BCE

316 BCE

Menander, 316 BCE
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