NewThe Amalgam Universe Reading Order

A universe where every character is a merger of a DC character and a Marvel character. An amalgam, one might say…

Earth 9602 in the Marvel Multiverse, Earth 496 in the Post-Crisis DC Multiverse and Earth 1996 in the New 52 DC Multiverse.

DC/Marvel Crossover Classics, Vol. 4
One story in this volume, the Green Lantern/Silver Surfer crossover, is a prologue to the events of DC vs Marvel. This story crosses over with both the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe.
DC Versus Marvel Comics
Reprints DC Vs Marvel / Marvel Vs DC #1-4 (February 1996 – May 1996).
The events of this volume crossover with the main Marvel Universe and the DC Universe.
The Amalgam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection
Reprints Bruce Wayne Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (April 1996); Bullets and Bracelets #1 (April 1996); Magneto and the Magnetic Men #1 (April 1996); Speed Demon #1 (April 1996); Spider-Boy #1 (April 1996); & X-Patrol #1 (April 1996).
The Amalgam Age of Comics: The DC Comics Collection
Reprints Amazon #1 (April 1996); Assassins #1 (April 1996); Doctor StrangeFate #1 (April 1996); JLX #1 (April 1996); Legends of the Dark Claw #1 (April 1996); & Super Soldier #1 (April 1996).
Return to the Amalgam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection
Reprints Challengers of the Fantastic #1 (June 1997); Exciting X-Patrol #1 (June 1997); Iron Lantern #1 (June 1997); The Magnetic Men featuring Magneto #1 (June 1997); Spider-Boy Team-Up #1 (June 1997); & Thorion of the New Asgods #1 (June 1997).
Return to the Amalgam Age of Comics: The DC Comics Collection
Reprints Bat-Thing #1 (June 1997); Dark Claw Adventures #1 (June 1997); Generation Hex #1 (June 1997); JLX Unleashed #1 (June 1997); Lobo the Duck #1 (June 1997); & Super-Soldier: Man of War #1 (June 1997).
The events of these four volumes technically take place during DC vs Marvel.
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  1. What about all access volumes 1 thru 4

    • Sadly, that it outside the scope of this site – I only include comics reprinted in collected form.

  2. I’m confused lol.. Isn’t it part of the amalgam universe? Or is it newer? I read the one where the brothers were becoming aware of eachother.. Then the heroes had to battle for their universe etc.. That’s how i got into it.. Then i found silver surfer and GL unholy alliance.. I had no idea there was more to the amalgam universe besides the vs battles.. So I’m trying to read the whole thing … I’m kinda a comic noob but have gotten super into it the last few years.. So i don’t know a lot of the language i guess what re print and all that means.. Sorry lol

    • No worries Joshua, we’re here to help. And welcome to the world of comics 🙂

      What I mean by reprints is that the original comics are out of print and no longer available in shops except as back-issues. It’s a lot like a newspaper or magazine – you can easily get the current issue, and maybe the one before that, but anything older is only going to be harder to find. There will be some specialty shops, and websites like eBay and such, but aside from that, the comics are hard to find in physical form. (There are a lot of comics becoming available in digital formats these days, many of which are not available any other way – try Comixology and its competitors.)
      Because of that, this site concentrates on comics that are available in reprinted form – usually a group of issues collected together in a single book, either paperback or hardcover – because books stay in print longer than comics (due to the way the publishing industry works).

      So, in the case of the later Access comics, because they’re not available as either reprints or digital comics, I haven’t listed them on this site.

      Does this help?

    • So, I tried putting the comics in reading order, the comics I tried were both access & unlimited access, DC VS. Marvel #1 – #4, & the amalgam comics, obviously the amalgam starts after #4 of DC VS. Marvel however, does the cross overs/versus & the access comics fit in?

      • It’s hard to give an exact reading order for this one: the Amalgam Universe comes into being during the events of DC vs Marvel #3, but it is a full timeline with its own history that would, technically, precede the events of the crossover event. In theory, the universe is destroyed in Marvel vs DC #4, but later accounts seem to show it continuing to exist. The All Access and Unlimited Access comics follow the original event, in that order.

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