NewThe Post-Crisis DCU 07 – Year Five

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman, Vol. 1
It is unclear whether these four volumes of Wonder Woman still took place in the current continuity.
Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore
Must occur after Wonder Woman loses her powers in the previous volume.
Diana Prince: Wonder Woman, Vol. 2
Diana Prince: Wonder Woman, Vol. 3
Diana Prince: Wonder Woman, Vol. 4
The Creeper: Welcome to Creepsville
The current version of the Creeper’s origin, by implication occuring before Robin debuts.
The Creeper by Steve Ditko
Reprints Showcase #79 (March/April 1968), Beware the Creeper #1-6 (May/June 1968 – March/April 1969), 1st Issue Special #7 (October 1975), World’s Finest Comics #249-255 (February/March 1978 – February/March 1979) and Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2 (1978).
The Creeper’s original adventures, with a conflicting origin, but otherwise basically in continuity.
Batman: Dark Victory
Continues from previous year, and concludes on Halloween.
Catwoman: When in Rome
Parallels events in Dark Victory, occurring between March and September of the same year.

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