NewThe Post-Crisis DCU 04 – Year Two

The Flash: Born to Run
the origin of Kid Flash.
Batman: Shaman
Follows closely from Batman: Year One.
Doom Patrol: The Silver Age, Volume 1
Reprints My Greatest Adventure #80-85 (June 1963 – February 1964); & The Doom Patrol #86-95 (March 1964 – March 1965).
Metamorpho: Year One
Must occur prior to JLA: Year One.
Batman: Year Two – Fear The Reaper
Justice League of America: Year One
Must occur after most of the DC heroes have gotten started, but still early in their careers.
Batman: Rules of Engagement
Occurs in Batman’s second year, and after Luthor learns that Superman is an alien – hence, after Superman: Birthright.
Batman: Venom
Reprints Legends of the Dark Knight #16-20 (March 1991 – July 1991).
Batman: Blink
Reprints Legends of the Dark Knight #156-158 & 164-167 (August 2002 – October 2002 & April 2003 – July 2003).
This book contains two stories, one occurring approximately midway through the year, the other in winter a few months later. Gordon is referred to as Lieutenant rather than Captain throughout (he was promoted to Captain near the end of Year One), but the working relationship between him and Batman argues for this later placement.
Batman: Snow
Set before The Long Halloween, about 18 months after Batman’s first appearance.
Batman: The Long Halloween
Begins in June of Year Two, and continues into Year Three.

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