NewThe Odd Thomas Chronology

Dean Koontz’ modern fantasy series about medium Odd Thomas and his true love, Stormy Llewellyn.

In Odd We Trust
The 2008 graphic novel prequel.
Odd Is On Our Side
The 2010 graphic novel prequel.
House of Odd
The 2012 graphic novel prequel.
You Are Destined to Be Together Forever
The 2014 short story prequel to the main series.
Odd Thomas
The 2003 novel.
Forever Odd
The 2005 novel.
Brother Odd
The 2006 novel.
Odd Passenger
The 2008 webseries, in one complete unit.
Odd Hours
The 2008 novel.
Odd Interlude
The 2012 novel, originally published as three digital novellas.
Odd Apocalypse
The 2012 novel.
Deeply Odd
The 2013 novel.
Saint Odd
The 2015 novel.
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