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Kevin Smith’s masterwork, the increasingly inaccurately named New Jersey Trilogy.

The funniest, most vulgar cross media setting in human history. Some of the geekiest and silliest films ever made. Jay and Silent Bob, Dante and Randal, Brodie and TS, Banky and Holden, Loki and Bartleby. Missy, Chrissy, Sissy and Justice. Leonardo Leonardo and Rosario Dawson.

Walt Flanagan’s Dog
Comic. Set the night before Mallrats.
The film on DVD. Set the night before Clerks..
The film on DVD.
Clerks. The Lost Scene
Animated version and comic version. Takes place during Clerks.
Clerks. The Comic
Clerks. Christmas Special
Chasing Amy
The film on DVD.
Chasing Dogma
Comic bridging Chasing Amy and Dogma.
The film on DVD.
Clerks: The Animated Series
The series on DVD.
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
The film on DVD.
The Flying Car
Short film on DVD.
Where’s The Beef?
Comic setting up Clerks II.
Clerks II
The film on DVD.
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