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The Cars That Ate Paris
1974 film on DVD.
Included because some car designs in Fury Road are clearly inspired by the iconic car design in this film – for purposes of this timeline, it’s the same car.
Market Forces
2004 novel written by Richard K. Morgan.
Morgan has specifically identified Mad Max as an inspiration for the story, describing it as an unofficial addition to the world of the film – while it has no direct connection, it is set in the same societal decay that opens the first film, albeit in England, rather than Australia.

Mad Max
1979 film on Blu-ray.
Mad Max
1990 NES game.
Appears to be set before The Road Warrior, based on the appearance of the V8 Interceptor.
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
1981 film on Blu-ray.
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
1985 film on Blu-ray.
Mad Max: Fury Road
Reprints Mad Max: Fury Road – Nux and Immortan Joe #1 (July 2015); Mad Max: Fury Road – Furiosa #1 (August 2015); & Mad Max: Fury Road – Mad Max #1-2 (September 2015 – October 2015).
Collection of prequel comics.
Mad Max: Fury Road
2015 film on Blu-ray.
Mad Max
Game for PS4. Also available for Xbox One and PC.
See you on the road!
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  1. Man, Beyond Thunderdome shouldn’t even count at this point.

    • In an interview somewhere, George Miller said that he regards Fury Road as a legend of Max rather than a canonical story. I like this idea, and I tend to regard all the sequels as being tales based on true stories rather than actual truth. Given my druthers, I’d actually place Beyond Thunderdome after Fury Road, but the prequel comics specify that it takes place earlier.

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