NewThe DC Extended Universe Chronology

Last Updated: June 30, 2018

The DC counterpart to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, longer on darkness and angst, shorter on fun.


Wonder Woman
The 2017 film on Blu-ray. (not yet released)

21st Century

Man of Steel
The 2013 film on Blu-ray.
Cross Fire
2016 novel for primary school readers.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
The 2016 film on Blu-ray.
Suicide Squad
The 2016 film on Blu-ray.
Justice League
The 2017 film on Blu-ray.
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  1. I used Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive to view your old timelines. Hope this helps you rebuild.

    • Thank you Michael. Unfortunately, the timelines there are from after the site crash last year, so they’re too recent to be much help.

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