NewThe Arrowverse

The CW’s television superhero universe!

The Pre-Crisis Arrowverse

Earth One

Other Earths

Year OneArrow season one
Year TwoArrow season two
Year ThreeArrow season three, The Flash season one & Constantine season one
Year FourArrow season four, The Flash season two & Legends of Tomorrow season one
Year FiveArrow season five, The Flash season three & Legends of Tomorrow season two
Year SixArrow season six, The Flash season four & Legends of Tomorrow season three
Year SevenArrow season seven, The Flash season five & Legends of Tomorrow season four
Year EightArrow season eight episodes 1-9, The Flash season six episodes 1-9, & Batwoman season one episodes 1-9
Earth 9Titans seasons 1-2 and Doom Patrol season 1
Earth 38Supergirl seasons 1-4 & season 5, episodes 1-9
Earth 66Batman tv series
Earth 89Batman 80’s & 90’smovies
Earth 90The Flash 1990 series
Earth 96Superman 70’s & 80’s movies
Earth 167Smallville tv series
Earth 203Birds of Prey tv series
Earth 666Lucifer tv series
An Un-numbered EarthBlack Lightning tv series seasons 1-2 & season 3, episodes 1-8
A Different Un-numbered EarthThe DC Extended Universe
Earth X — the earth where the Nazis won

The Post-Crisis Arrowverse

Earth One

Other Earths

Year EightArrow season eight episodes 9-10, The Flash season six episodes 9-22, Legends of Tomorrow season five, Batwoman season one episodes 9-22, Supergirl season five episodes 9-22 & Black Lightning season three episodes 10-12
Year NineThe Flash season seven, Legends of Tomorrow season six, Batwoman season two, Supergirl season six, Superman and Lois season one & Black Lightning season four
Earth 2Stargirl tv series
Earth 9Titans tv series
Earth 12Green Lantern film
Earth 19Swamp Thing tv series
Earth 21Doom Patrol tv series
Earth 96Superman 70’s & 80’s movies
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  1. Hey Loki, Just saw this after your post on Frank’s Timeline. I have a theory that the two Human Target Series (1992 and 2010) both exist in the Arrowverse. In the season finale of 2010 Human Target Season one we discover that Mark Valley’s Christopher Chance isn’t the first as he took over the identity from Christopher Chance played by Lee Majors, five years earlier from memory, and Majors says that he took the identity from someone else. Whether that was Rick Springfield’s Christopher Chance (from 1992) or his successor I can’t say.

    Chance appears a couple of times in Arrow played by Wil Traval in Season 5 episode 5 The Human Target where he appeared in the flashback story (2011) and the present day (2016) story. He later reappears in Season six (2017)episode 21 Docket No 11-19-41-73.

    When Traval appeared in the flashbacks he much have just taken over from Valley’s Chance. I’m tempted to suggest that he was Frank Simpson (Nuke) from Jessica Jones seeking redemption but I couldn’t make the timeline for that work

    • Hey mate, glad to have you here.

      I had forgotten all about the Human Target tv shows, but assuming that Traval’s Target was the successor of the earlier Targets, that would make sense. I might have to rewatch those episodes for further clues.

      I’m also considering adding “Krypton” to the list of alternate Arrowverse timelines, since apparently the only reason it didn’t appear in the Crisis event was a scheduling conflict.

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