NewThe Arrowverse Chronology: Year Five

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Arrow season five, The Flash season three,
& Legends of Tomorrow season two

The Flash, episodes 1-7
Arrow, episodes 1-2
Legends of Tomorrow, episodes 1-3
Arrow, episodes 3-5
Legends of Tomorrow, episode 4
Arrow, episode 6
Legends of Tomorrow, episode 5
Arrow, episode 7
Legends of Tomorrow, episode 6
The Flash: Climate Changeling novel
Supergirl, season 2, episode 8 prelude to the Invasion event
The Flash, episode 8, part one of the Invasion event
Arrow, episode 8, part two of the Invasion event
Legends of Tomorrow, episode 7, part three of the Invasion event
The Flash, episode 9
Arrow, episodes 9-10
Legends of Tomorrow, episodes 8-11
The Flash, episodes 10-11
Arrow, episode 11
The Flash, episode 12
Arrow, episodes 12-13
The Flash, episodes 13-14
Legends of Tomorrow, episodes 12-13
Arrow, episodes 14-15
The Flash, episodes 15-16
Legends of Tomorrow, episode 14
Arrow, episode 16
The Flash, episode 17
Legends of Tomorrow, episode 15
Arrow, episodes 17-18
The Flash, episodes 18-23
Arrow, episodes 19-20
Legends of Tomorrow, episodes 16-17
Arrow, episodes 21-23
The Flash: Hocus Pocus YA novel
Arrow: Fatal Legacies novel

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