NewThe Army of Darkness Comics Chronology

Although this is not a Marvel Comics universe, it is officially numbered as Earth 818793 by Marvel as a result of its crossover with the Marvel Zombieverse.

The Evil Dead
The film on Blu-ray
Evil Dead 2
The film on Blu-ray
Army Of Darkness
The film on Blu-ray
Army Of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes
Army Of Darkness: Shop ‘Til You Drop Dead
Army Of Darkness Vs. Re-Animator
Army Of Darkness: Old School
Army of Darkness: Ash vs. The Classic Monsters
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness
Reprints Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness #1-5 (May 2007 – September 2007).
This story crosses into the Marvel Zombieverse.
Darkman vs. Army of Darkness
Army of Darkness: From the Ashes
Army of Darkness: The Long Road Home
Army of Darkness: Home Sweet Hell
Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash
Army of Darkness/Xena, vol.1: Why Not?
This story crosses over with the Xena Universe.
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  1. The proper reading order is actually:
    * Ashes 2 Ashes #1-4
    * Tales of Army of Darkness (One-Shot)
    * Shop Till You Drop Dead #1-4
    * Re-Animator #0 (Prequel to AOD Vs. Re-Animator)
    * AOD Vs. Re-Animator #1-4 (Begins AOD Volume 1)
    * Old School #5-7
    * Dynamite/Top Cow’s Monster War #1-4 (Prequel to Ash Vs. The Classic Monsters)
    * Ash Vs. The Classic Monsters #8-11
    * Eva: Daughter of The Dragon (One-Shot) (Prequel & Sequel to Ash Vs. The Classic Monsters)
    * The Death of Ash #12-13 (Ends AOD Volume 1)
    * Marvel Zombies Vs. AOD #1-5
    * From The Ashes #1-4 (Begins AOD Volume 2)
    * The Long Road Home #5-8
    * Home Sweet Hell #9-12
    * King For A Day #13
    * Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash #1-6
    * Ash’s Christmas Horror (One-Shot)
    * Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors #1-6
    * AOD/Xena: Why Not? #1-4 (Cont. from Dynamite’s Xena Volume 1 & Dark Xena mini)
    * Xena/AOD: What Again!? #1-4
    * Hellbillies & Deadnecks #14-17
    * Montezuma’s Revenge #18
    * Water, Water, Everywhere #19
    * League of Light, Assemble! #20-27 (Ends AOD Volume 2)
    * Army of Darkness Volume 3 #1-13 (No storyline names)
    * Prophecy #1-7 (2012 Miniseries)
    * AOD Vs. Hack/Slash #1-6
    * AOD/Reanimator (One-Shot)
    * Reanimator #1-4 (Sequel to AOD/Reanimator One-Shot)
    * AOD/Xena: Forever & A Day #1-4
    * Furious Road #1-5
    * AOD/Xena: Forever & A Day #5-6

    Darkman Vs. AOD isn’t canon to the Earth-818793 comics, as he’s mentioned and shown to be a fictional character in that world.

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