NewThe Post-Crisis DCU 04 – Year Two

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The Flash: Born to Run
the origin of Kid Flash.
Batman: Shaman
Metamorpho: Year One
Must occur prior to JLA: Year One.
Batman: Year Two – Fear The Reaper
Justice League of America: Year One
Must occur after most of the DC heroes have gotten started, but still early in their careers.
Batman: Rules of Engagement
Occurs in Batman’s second year, and after Luthor learns that Superman is an alien – hence, after Superman: Birthright.
Batman: Venom
Reprints Legends of the Dark Knight #16-20 (March 1991 – July 1991).
Batman: Snow
Set before The Long Halloween, about 18 months after Batman’s first appearance.
Batman: The Long Halloween
Begins in June of Year Two, and continues into Year Three.

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