NewThe Post-Crisis DCU 02 – The Twentieth Century


Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan: The Complete Joe Kubert Years Omnibus
Reprints Tarzan #207-235 (April 1972 – February/March 1975).
The licence for Tarzan was only briefly held by DC, but these comics were canon.


The Enemy Ace Archives, vol. 1
Reprints Our Army at War (1952) #151, #153, #155; Showcase (1956) #57-58; Star-Spangled War Stories (1952) #138-142
The Enemy Ace Archives, vol. 2
Reprints Star Spangled War Stories (1952) #143-145, #147-150, #183, #200
Showcase Presents: Enemy Ace, vol. 1
Reprints Detective Comics (1937) #404; Men of War (1977) #1-3, #8-10, #12-14, #19-20; Our Army at War (1952) #151, #153, #155; Showcase (1956) #57-58; Star Spangled War Stories (1952) #138-145, #147-150, #183, #200; Unknown Soldier #251-253, #260-261, #265-267


The Last Days of Krypton
Original prose novel by Kevin J. Anderson (2008).
It’s not a graphic novel – and possibly not canonical – but it is very good. It’s placement here is based on the date of Superman’s first appearance, which has been mentioned more than once as the date of Krypton’s destruction.
DC Universe: Legacies
Reprints DC Universe Legacies #1-10 (July 2010 – April 2011).
The story begins in this year, and carries through until Infinite Crisis in Year 20.


Madame Xanadu, vol.1: Disenchanted
Reprints Madame Xanadu #1-10 (August 2008 – June 2009). This is a Vertigo comic.
This volume tells the story of Madame Xanadu from the fall of Camelot in 515 CE to her arrival in New York City in 1940, but is best read here.
Madame Xanadu, vol.2: Exodus Noir
Reprints Madame Xanadu #11-15 (July 2009 – November 2009). This is a Vertigo comic.


The Newsboy Legion, vol. 1
This volume covers comics with cover dates ranging from April 1942 to May 1944, and can reasonably be assumed to take place more or less in real time.
The Losers
Reprints Our Fighting Forces #151-162.
Our Army At War
Reprints G.I. Combat #1, Our Army At War #1, Our Fighting Forces #1, Star-Spangled War Stories #1 and Weird War Tales #1.


Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy


Sgt. Rock: Lost Battalion
Sgt. Rock: Between Hell & a Hard Place
Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice
Has a prologue set in 1942, but primarily takes place between 1944 to 1947.
JSA: Strange Adventures
Must take place after D-Day.


The Justice Society Returns
Enemy Ace: War in Heaven


JSA: The Golden Age
Reprints The Golden Age #1-4 (Summer 1993 – Spring 1994).
Although officially an Elseworlds title, large portions of this volume have been implied into continuity by the Starman series.


Madame Xanadu, vol.3: Broken House of Cards
Reprints Madame Xanadu #16-23 (December 2009 – July 2010) & House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1 (December 2009, Madame Xanadu story only). This is a Vertigo comic.


DC: The New Frontier
This is an Elseworlds title, but it would fall here if it were part of the continuity (and it’s so good that I wanted to include it).


Madame Xanadu, vol.4: Extra Sensory
Reprints Madame Xanadu #24-29 (August 2010 – January 2011). This is a Vertigo comic.


Enemy Ace: War Idyll


The Deadman Collection
Reprints a selection of early Deadman stories.

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