NewMarvel Timelines: Miscellaneous Universes

Last Updated: July 7, 2017

Marvel, even more than DC, has tended to spin off alternate timelines from its main universe at a tremendous – even alarming – rate.

For the most part, I have only listed timelines here that have made multiple appearances (or, in a few cases, that I expect to make multiple appearances).

Where these timelines cross over with other timelines, notations are included on both timelines. Find the main Marvel Universe here.

Season One Reading Order
Earth 295 – the Age of Apocalypse

Earth 712 – the Squadron Supreme Universe
Earth 811 – Days of Future Past
Earth 829 – Hercules in the 24th Century

Earth 8410 – Machine Man and Iron Man 2020
Earth 9602 – the Amalgam Universe
Earth 9997 – Earth X
Earth 10005: The X-Men Cinematic Universe

Earth 58163 – the House of M Universe
Earth 90210 – Old Man Logan
Earth-199999 – the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Earth-199999E – the Expanded Marvel Cinematic Universe
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