NewThe Graphic Novel History of the Universe: From the Big Bang to the Birth of Christ

Cartoon History of the Universe I: Vol. 1-7 – From the BIG BANG to Alexander the Great
Details the origins of the universe, life on earth and the beginnings of recorded history to 323 BCE.
Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth
Covers the evolution of life on Earth from its beginnings to the present day.
Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me
Details the history of the Israelites, Jews and Israelis from the time of Abraham onwards.
Action Philosophers!
details the lives and ideas of philosophers throughout human history
King David
Details the life of King David of Israel in approximately the 11th century BCE.
Cartoon History of the Universe II: Volumes 8-13 – From the Springtime of China to the Fall of Rome
Details early Asian civilisations and the beginnings of intercourse with the west. Includes the lifetime of Buddha, and concludes with the end of the Roman Empire in 395 CE
Buddha, Vol. 1 – Kapilavastu
Details the early life and birth of Gautama Buddha in 563 BCE
Buddha, Vol. 2 – The Four Encounters
Continues the life of Gautama Buddha, especially his encounter with the Four Spirits in 534 BCE
Buddha, Vol. 3 – Devadatta
Buddha, Vol. 4 – The Forest of Uruvela
Buddha, Vol. 5 – Deer Park
Buddha: Vol. 6 – Ananda
Buddha: Vol. 7 – Prince Ajatasattu
Buddha, Vol. 8 – Jetavana
Details the final days of Gautama Buddha, and his death in 483 BCE
Details the conception and life of Buddha
Details the battle at Thermopylae in 480 BCE.
The Cartoon History of the Universe III: From the Rise of Arabia to the Renaissance
Details events from 395 CE, with some additional material covering the earlier history of Africa, and ends with the voyage of Columbus in 1492 CE.
Details the life of the poet and playwright Kalidasa, from approximately 370 CE through 450 CE.
The Life of Alexander the Great
(356 BCE – 323 BCE)
The Life of Julius Caesar
(100 BCE – 44 BCE)

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