Pop culture, especially in some of its larger manifestations, can be an intimidating thing to contemplate. Particularly with some of the bigger franchises, which tend to have long timelines of events, and to not always come out in the same order that events transpire in their universes.

This is where Reading Orders comes in. The purpose of this site is to present simple, easy to use orders for consuming various pieces of pop culture. And despite the name, it’s not limited to books or comics – there are Viewing Orders for movie and television franchises, as well as combined Chronologies for those franchises that partake of both Reading and Viewing.

Reading Orders does the hard bit of figuring out what happened when so that you can relax and enjoy the flow of stories with no worries. All the content here is as close to perfectly chronological as I can make it, and where it’s impossible to be perfect (usually due to stories taking place in parallel) there are notes to explain why I’ve presented things in the order that I have.

Thanks for coming to Reading Orders, and happy Reading and/or Viewing! If you’re looking for a place to get started, click on News on the side menu, or select from this list of all the newest things that have been added to this site:

Reading Orders is a revised and expanded version of the content previously available at The Centre Cannot Hold under the heading Trade Paperback Timelines. Both sites are created by me.